Morkinskinna - S​/​t

by Lead Rivers Records



Format: Cassette
Edition: 50 copies
Catalogue Number: LRR-05
Co-released with:
For Letter Label & Distro


released September 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Lead Rivers Records Kaluga, Russia

Small DIY label & distro.
since 22/02/2012 - early 2017

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Track Name: STB
Give me good advice and teach me how to live I dont know my price I just wanna eat Stop the bulimia
Track Name: Worthless guard
Your head on my knees, I'm holding your arm. I'm sick of my self but can't stop it know/ You want me to die, but i'm already dead/ I'm still feeling your teeth right on my lft hand/ so please run away from this fucking land/ but it was just a boose and mu stupid misleads
Track Name: Infected
They told our life is goung up, but its a lie, a fucking lie . Our lifes is drowing down in hell/ They try to shut their precious eyes and thats allright and thats ok, just sit, shut up and feeling fine . Tahts your life/ I'm always walking with hedphones. I cant hear you cause i hate you, i just cant see your empty eyes/ But when i have to listen you, i understand- your life infected / in your heads you're all dead
Track Name: Black water
Hey wellcome/ that's your new home/ how do you like it?/ it almost reminds me some of those feelings/ im going to live alone with my hate/ it is so hard to forget it all, but i should throw you away/ here is raining all the time/ the streets are empty now/ im trying to feel fine/ but rain still falling down/ rain wash it away and will teach me how/ my mind falling down