Cheer Up Charlie - Sell Your Solace

by Lead Rivers Records



Format: Cassette
Edition: 32 copies
Catalogue Number: LRR-15


released November 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Lead Rivers Records Kaluga, Russia

Small DIY label & distro.
since 22/02/2012 - early 2017

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Track Name: Requiem
Waiting for
Time to slow
This won’t heal
With all you know

Remind yourself,
This sinking feeling
Will become
Your only reason to go on

Remind yourself
That this sinking feeling
Will become, your only reason//
The only reason

Regret gives you purpose
But is it worth it’s cost?

Another loss; a shrill echo
Reverberating into the sky
Fading into nothing
Ending hope forever

Remind yourself
That “I can’t.”
Track Name: Noface
Sever the skies and latch on
To the memories that will replace our truths
Until the ones we’ve forgotten become effigies
Of the part of ourselves we lost

Creating the void
We have in our hearts

We can’t escape our nature
Oppressed by our own inhibitions
Scared of the feelings suppressed,
Ashamed of what we’ve become
To hide what lies within

We can’t go back; we are broken
Missing the warmth of light

The stains on our souls begin to scream….
“We’ve been waiting our whole lives to rise
So this ground won’t bind us any longer.”

But we can’t ascend….

We were born in this soil
With our bodies torn
Between two planes
Defined by the fine lines of our weakness

We must descend to transcend

So while you eat heaven
I will soar through the dirt
Track Name: You Can't Sit With Us
This can’t be reconciled;
Our grace has faltered
Today we cut the ties
And take back all condolences
Forget our promises
There is nothing for us here
With our worst regards
We conceive resolution

Forever bound by this anger,
There is no life without consequence
So I’ll wear this hate on my sleeve
As I wait for retribution

What will you do when I look in your eyes?
Will you concede to truth as our optimism dies
Before we go numb and lose all feeling?
Just don’t forget the meaning….

Reassured by inconsistencies….

What will you do when it looks in your eyes?
Will fear grip your throat until you embrace the end?
Will you lose yourself?
Or choke back the feeling?

Just lose yourself….
Until you forget the meaning

Just forget the meaning….